Monday, September 10, 2012

Modern & Contemporary American Poetry @ FIX University Campus



TAs are introducing themselves

The ModPo TAs are introducing themselves. Go to the "instructor's and TAs' forum" and have a look: here.
Mon 10 Sep 2012 7:29:00 AM PDT

about our four essay assignments

Look at the left-hand navigation bar and click on "fall '12 weekly calendar." This calendar includes the schedule for our four essay assignments. The first essay assignment will "open" at the start of week 2, and you'll have a week to write and submit it. -- Al
Mon 10 Sep 2012 5:31:00 AM PDT

audio introduction to week 1

As you see on our main syllabus/schedule, each "chapter" of our course will be introduced by a short audio introduction. We have just made the introduction to week 1 available. You can find it linked to the syllabus, but since this is the very first one, I thought I would also feature it here on our home page. Here (MP3; 12 mins.) is your link to the audio. You can stream it, or you can right-click and download. Please note that each of these audio introductions will be archived under "archive of audio updates" linked to the left-hand navigation bar of every ModPo page. At the end of this week's audio intro, I recite and briefly discuss a poem by Emily Dickinson, the text of which you can see here.--Al Filreis

Fri 7 Sep 2012 8:33:00 AM PDT

welcome to ModPo! please watch this introductory video

Welcome to ModPo! Click on "video discussions" at left and then click on the link to this introductory video to watch a much larger version. Or watch the medium-sized screen here. In either case, we hope you enjoy our 20-minute overview of the course. I describe the course chapter by chapter, and then I introduce several denizens of the Kelly Writers House on Penn's campus. These are the people you'll be seeing in the videos, collaborating with me on close readings of our poems. Here are some of the links to sites mentioned in the introduction: PennSound, the world's largest archive of recordings of poets reading their own poems, a site we'll use a lot in our course; the Kelly Writers House, our home base and the old house from which our live webcast sessions will emanate (check out the calendar of events and visit for any program if you or in or near the area); Jacket2 magazine, of which I am the proud publisher (while Julia Bloch, ModPo's lead TA, is editor); and my own homepage, where obviously you can learn more about me and my doings. -- Al Filreis
Thu 6 Sep 2012 6:41:00 AM PDT

introducing PennSound

We invite all ModPo people to explore the worlds largest archive of audio recordings of poets reading their own poetry. It's called "PennSound" and we're very proud to have created the archive here at Penn - in affiliation with the Kelly Writers House along with Jacket2 magazine, the "PoemTalk" series, and ModPo itself. PennSound is thus a sister project to ModPo. Many of the poems we'll discuss are available as recordings in PennSound. But there are some 40,000 recordings beyond those! Please have a look and get lost in all that poetic sound! Here is a recent article about PennSound. And below please read a poet's appreciation. Enjoy PennSound! -- the ModPo staff

"I LOVE, I mean LOVE that Pennsound has put up all the Pound material. I have it all in bootlegs and tapes of course but it is wonderful to have it there, finally, I mean it is THE MOST OUT there of anything on that site or ubu web! EP is the best. I used to listen to those tapes over and over in my car in the late 70s when I was a teenager. To me it was Punk. And hearing it now it brings back summer and my youth! Listening to the Spoleto recording, maybe my fav for its restrained intensity, I am taken aback just how his late syntax has totally effected me. Liz and I were listening and we could hear my poem Homer?s Anger loud and clear for instance. Amazing. And Richard?s head note makes me want to listen further." -- Peter Gizzi, poet
Wed 5 Sep 2012 4:15:00 PM PDT

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